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ESPN – Sports Quiz

This innovative ESPN Sports content platform provides a trivia question and answer at the beginning and end of a commercial pod to retain viewers between sports programming.  The platform is integrated seamlessly within multiple ESPN media platforms.



As with all great ESPN shows, ESPN SPORTS QUIZ needed an iconic intro with high production value to engage fans and encourage participation.  We created what we named “The Vortex of Sports” or a place from where all sports knowledge stems.


ESPN SPORTS QUIZ required a sports specific feel as it would air during MLB, NBA, and NFL programming.  We chose stadiums as the common denominator.  The stadiums would morph from one sport to the next and spin out of the Vortex of Sports Knowledge.  Once the logo appeared, the camera immediately pushed in through the stadium to land on a jumbotron where the questions/answers would appear.


The device we used to accomplish this were stadiums. The stadiums morph from one to the next as they spin out of the Vortex Of Sports Knowledge. Once the logo reveals, the camera immediately pushes in and through it, landing on a Jumbotron in the middle of a stadium where the questions/answers appear. The storyboards were created in Photoshop. The animation was achieved through the use of Maya and After Effects.

  • 7 million broadcast views
  • 400k online game
  • Participants: ESPN arcade
ESPN Sports QuizESPN Sports QuizESPN Sports QuizESPN Sports Quiz
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