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Hurley – Consumer Insights

A great brand never stops learning about their consumer. Hurley hired us to help define the behavior, aspirations, and influences of “The Modern Surf Athlete.” 

We began by casting a wide net, hitting up 50 kids in 10 different states with a detailed field survey. We targeted 16-22 year old males who fit the surf-inspired profile. Through quick verbal responses, we gleaned insights about their digital habits, shopping behavior, and most importantly – their feelings about what it means to be a surfer.

We then narrowed it down and followed five of those consumers for an entire day. They told us about their favorite artists, took us to their local surf breaks, admitted they were obsessed with Instagram, and explained the reasoning and influences behind their personal fashion style.    

Lastly, we created a 3min recap video and compiled all of our research findings and key learnings into a digital presentation for Hurley to share internally.  


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