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Nike SB – Made For Skate

Jürgen Blümlein, co-author of the Made For Skate book and curator of the Berlin Skateboard Museum, curated the most comprehensive history of Nike SB Skate Shoes the world has ever seen at Nike Sixth and Mill. The exhibition documents Nike’s semi-calculated move into skateboarding, from the accidental love form the Bones Brigade in 1987 to the “What If” campaign in the 1990’s to the eventual 2002 launch of Nike SB with the debut of the Nike SB Dunk Low.

Koston and PRod dominate the back half of the exhibit, along with such coveted kicks such as the “Tiffany Dunks”, “Roswell Rayguns,  and the “What The Dunk”.  As the Nike Sixth and Mill experiential agency, Sauce was on hand to help nervously facilitate the display fabrication and installation, premier party, signage, collateral design and digital support.

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