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Nike SB – Sixth and Mill

A high touch consumer brand experience located in the mecca of modern skateboarding, dedicated to dimensionalizing seasonal brand stories and progressing modern skateboarding.



Through ten years of meticulous, grassroots brand and team building, Nike SB now stands as the gold standard of modern skateboarding.  So when Nike turned to us to collaborate, our priority was to approach the project through the lens of the athletes.  As a team, we made sure that the brand story remained credible to skateboarding and its culture and we were guided by and measured against one simple truth: “Nike Skateboarding Making Skateboarding Better”

Our base concept was to bring the Nike SB skaters favorite street-skate features to life under one roof to create the conditions that will progress modern skateboarding.

Through targeted programming and community outreach, Nike extended the reach beyond the space to the core Los Angeles skateboarding community to bring the experience full circle.


Nike has always done a masterful job of storytelling particularly with what they call “Energy Centers”.  These energy centers dimensionalize the brand, enveloping visitors in the experience and driving participation.  Nike chose an incredible space located at the epicenter of LA skate culture.

The brick construction and history of the building inspired us to design the consumer journey as an unearthing of found objects that might have been left behind during the building’s heyday as the Dept of Power.

Vintage technology hardware was repurposed and made into footwear displays.  Reclaimed shipping containers were arranged and stacked to create a journey from past to present. Our goal was to create that “Space Mountain” feeling of anticipation, and to tease the consumer as they snaked their way through Nike Skateboarding’s history, which included analog and digital interactive displays, and then culminated with the payoff of the skate park.

The park was designed with direct input from the athletes, (expertly crafted by California Skateparks) and kept true to our original pitch of bringing the streets to the warehouse. Each feature is a replica of spots that have influenced the style and progression of the Nike Skateboarding team.


For each activation we worked directly with Nike to develop and manage the budget, run of show and provide oversight for all logistics including staffing, catering, security, audio & visual and talent.


We partnered up with ten complimentary brands to provide food, beverages, furniture, a sound system, POV cameras, and a gaming experience.  These partners helped enhance the consumer experience during events and skate sessions and provided necessary resources for the space, offsetting a considerable portion of the budget.

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