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Nintendo of America – Nintendo Direct

Nintendo Direct is a portal that contains the latest Video news feeds from Nintendo of America. The videos feature Nintendo game developers discussing the latest games and product features. Nintendo fans get a behind-the-scenes look into the incredibly secretive, hallowed halls of Nintendo of America where the biggest video game hits from Japan are localized for the US market. The Nintendo Direct content is also pushed out virally.



The goal was to give Nintendo fans access inside the hallowed halls of Nintendo America Headquarters.  We used a news format to bring them the latest insider product information.


Leveraging Nintendo’s internal A/V staff, Sauce directed the shoot to feel like news programming. The series is introduced and closed by the COO of Nintendo of America and anchored by the Product Marketing Manager who interviews game localization developers throughout Nintendo Headquarters. These interviews create opportunities for NINTENDO to highlight specific game play footage and highlight hardware features.

The in-bump consisted of oversized abstracted 8-bit pixel tiles that would fly away to reveal each new section of the video.  The transitions followed the pixel theme and served to preview the contents of upcoming information.

  • 400k views in the first week
  • 340% increase in traffic from previous Nintendo Direct release
  • According to Mr. Iwata, Nintendo Direct has actually energized the consumer base, spreading information about new titles not only to the dedicated viewers but also to casual viewers who tune in later on their smartphones and tablets, it’s actually correlated to an increase in software sales


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