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Red Bull – Athlete Helmets

The Red Bull Helmet Program

The Red Bull athlete helmet is the most pure manifestation of soul of the Red Bull brand. Since most Red Bull branding is integrated into some form of content, the Red Bull helmet is often times the soul identifier.

The challenge for the brand was that so many Red Bull athletes are highly individualistic and didn’t feel that the “can” matched their personality.

The solution was for Sauce to works directly with Red Bull athletes as a sort of design concierge service to help Red Bull and the Athlete conceptualize and design the custom Red Bull. On some occasions, the athlete will come to the office everyday to work with hand in hand with our designers and in other cases, they already have a solid idea that we bring to life.

Notable Athletes include:

  • Dallas Friday
  • Shaun White
  • Anthony Naplolatan
  • Tanner Hall
  • Simon Dumont
  • Levi Lavallee
  • Nick Goepper
  • Ben Fergusson
  • Jill Kitner
  • Travis Pastrana
  • Daniel Dhers
  • Corey Bohan
  • Curtis Keene
  • Rebecca Rusch
  • Brock Crouch
  • Ben Ferguson
  • Coco Zurita
  • Michelle Parker
  • Josh Boothby
  • Greg Bretz
  • X-Games Athlete Helmets (Summer/Winter)

Images © Red Bull Content Pool

Red Bull

Nick Goepper - PortraitNick Goepper - ActionHELMET_BACKHELMET_LEFT_COMPHELMET_RIGHT_COMPsmSCG_S9_JILL-K-HELMET-2010_7_1_R1HELMET_1HELMET_3Winter X Games EuropeMammoth Pipe Shoot - May 21, 2009P-20130303-00052_HiRes-JPEG-24bit-RGBP-20130225-00155_HiRes-JPEG-24bit-RGB1234137176635013717665441371766340
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