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Red Bull – RyanSheckler.Com Launch

Red Bull athlete Ryan Sheckler is one of the best and most well known skateboarders in the world.  Years of endemic coverage as skateboarding’s child prodigy combined with a hit MTV reality show brought Ryan a massive following.  When Red Bull took over control of, we were hired to create a website that would not only have intrinsic entertainment value, but also a unique user experience.



Keeping in tune with Red Bull’s 2009 campaign message “Welcome to My World,” we offered site visitors a rare and voyeuristic, fly-on-the-wall look inside Ryan’s private skate facility in San Clemente, CA.

The concept was to “capture” everything that appeared on his site with facility security cameras that Ryan could turn on or off to allow fans “in” to watch his world.  Only available for a limited time, the site was rich with access to exclusive live video content, photos, video history, and an interactive sponsor page.


The concept included a landing page with a video intro with black and white footage of Ryan skating “privately” in his facility, unaware that anyone is watching. Ryan unknowingly runs into the camera and smashes the glass with his skate.  As the glass shatters, Ryan and his facility are revealed in full color, allowing visitors to navigate all of the “rooms” in the site freely.

Unlike typical skate shoots, this one was pre-planned to accommodate Ryan’s extremely busy schedule.  Each shot was carefully considered and storyboarded to ensure all needed footage was captured with the allotted two-hour time window.


We worked with a team of trusted endemic filmmakers and visual effects artists to bring the concept to life.

Footage was edited together with postproduction visual effects to achieve the 3D“breaking glass” effect. The breaking of the glass was used as a metaphor to symbolize the breaking of the barrier between Ryan and his fans.

The intro video was pushed out virally to various endemic media and brand sites to promote the launch and drive traffic to the site.

Images © Red Bull Content Pool

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