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Sector 9 – We Make Fun

Sector 9 is an industry pioneer, introducing the original longboard skateboard in 1994. 

Noticing an uptick in competition, we decided to conduct a brand audit on the company.  Through extensive field research, we determined that Sector 9 was suffering from fragmented brand messaging across its product categories, no doubt an unfortunate side effect from its 20-year growth explosion.

To refocus the brand, we boiled it down to its one single truth:  We Make Fun.  We then helped establish We Make Fun as Sector 9’s northstar and the brand’s rallying cry both internally for its employees and partners, and externally for its loyal consumers.  

Working hand-in-hand with company leadership, we began by creating a company brand bible that would establish a solid foundation for all future marketing/company initiatives.  We then developed a cross-channel marketing plan which included a field guide, hashtag campaign, and a visual center that brought We Make Fun to life across all of the brand’s consumer touch points.  


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