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Sector 9 Skateboards – Design

Sector Nine reinvented skateboarding from a San Diego garage in 1993. At a time when the rest of the skate world was focused on pro-decks with quarter-sized, rock hard wheels, Sector flanked the market and brought back a key component that skateboarding had lost over the years….FUN. Sector Nine is now one of the largest skateboard companies in the world.



Sauce has been working with Sector Nine since 2004 and has created a vast majority of their skateboard artwork as well as helping out with their branded apparel & accessories, ads, and retail POS.

Sector Nine has its roots in the mid-70s So-Cal surf culture, and that was the basis for the creative direction.  However, as the brand has globalized, the creative has been steered in an increasingly sophisticated and eclectic direction to attract a more diverse consumer base.

Sauce has designed over 280 Sector Nine skate deck graphics.

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Sector 9Sector 9Sector 9Sector 9
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